Address: 211220,
Vitebsk Region, Liozno,
Str. Lenina, 79/2



Phone/fax: 8 (02138) 5 -25-69

Лиозно. Центральная площадь Лиозно. Районный центр культуры Лиозно. Ж/д станция Лиозно Мемориальный комплекс "Танк"
Лиозно. Центральная площадь
Main Economy Agriculture


 The dominant industry in the Lioznensky district is the agro-industrial complex. Of the total population of the entire Lioznensky district, 15,777 thousand people live in the village a little more than 8 thousand people, of whom 2.0 thousand people are currently employed in agricultural production and in the processing industry (1.5 thousand in agricultural organizations of the district).

 The agriculture of the district is represented by 5 open joint stock companies, 2 agricultural branches, the municipal unitary agricultural enterprise "Krynki", the agricultural production site "Peremont", the state enterprise "Vydreya", the open joint stock company "Lioznensky rayagroservice", the unitary enterprise "Barseevo".

 Four agricultural organizations have investors: the unitary enterprise "Barseeevo" - JSC "Vitebsk meat Processing Plant", SF "Klevtsy" - KUPE "Vitsebskobldorstroy", GP "Vydreya" - RUE "Vitebsk branch of the Belarusian Railway", SPU "Remont", - JSC "Vitebsk oil Extraction Plant".

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