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30 August 2021

IBRD earmarks over Br870,000 to renovate secondary school in Chashniki

 The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) has designated more than Br870,000 to rehabilitate secondary school No. 4 in the town of Chashniki, school headmaster Elena Dabatovkina said.


This is the second tranche of the IBRD loan to the school. Last year, the school used the loan to replace the roof and the internal electric lighting system, to renovate the food unit and bathrooms.


This year, the school will use the loan to renovate the facade and fit it out with the external lighting system. The doors and floor in the classrooms and utility rooms will be replaced. The halls and corridors of the educational institution will acquire a new look. A lot of work remains to be done to replace the fire warning system.


The project also provides for the improvement of the school grounds.


Plans are in place to equip the new physics classroom with new equipment, including lab equipment and multimedia devices. The school is also planning to acquire new sports gear.


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