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Liozno District Executive Committee
Main / Region / Geography


The Liozno region is situated in the east of the Vitebsk oblast and occupies 1.4 thousand square kilometers. The region borders on the Vitebsk region in the north and west, the Orsha and Dubrovno regions in the south and the Rudnya region of Russia’s Smolensk oblast in the east. The town of Liozno is the centre of the region and is located 40 kilometres away from Vitebsk, 270 kilometres away from Minsk and 12 kilometres away from the border with the Rudnya region. Liozno became the centre of the region on July 17, 1924. In 2003 the Heraldic Council under the President of the Republic of Belarus approved the emblem and the flag of Liozno.

The Liozno region is an area of breathtaking beauty. Numerous rivers and lakes, dense forests, big meadows, rich flora and fauna are the things that make tourism and recreation especially attractive here.

The region’s deepest lakes are Zelenskoye, Shelokhovo, Buyevskoye, Sitnyanskoye, Grebenitskoye. In the distant past the rivers Luchesa, Chernitsa, Moshna, Verkhita were increasingly important for the development of the region. The region’s forests that account for 44% of the territory are the natural habitat for elk, deer, brown bear, lynx, wild boar, roe deer, hare, marten, otter, beaver. The national reserve Babinovichsky and botanic reserve Bor are rich in herbs, berries, melliferous, technical and decorative plants. There are more than 20 rear plant species. Among them are monkshood, broad-leaved bluebell, foxfeet, gentian and northern twinflower. The Liozno region is home to fifteen species of birds registered in the Red Book of the Republic of Belarus.