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14 March 2023

Begoml plant "Vetraz" will open production, which has no analogues in Belarus

Investments as a foundation

...A beautiful modern enterprise, cozy bright workshops, compact territory.

— Once upon a time, a very correct decision was made at the state level, — Director Anatoly Sivko notes. — They did not make do with half measures and reconstruct the old buildings — they built a new factory. As a result, they were able to find their niche and completely change their specialization.

The process of updating and expanding continues. The company operates profitably, it has working capital, which is invested in further development. Within the framework of investment programs, the state also helps, there is an opportunity to take advantage of preferential loans.

In 2019, Vetraz purchased furnaces for the manufacture of hardware products, a year later built a new electrical installation shop worth two and a half million rubles, then purchased two injection molding machines for casting plastic and polyurethane products. And at the end of 2022, a high‑tech processing center was launched here, with the help of which it is possible to produce almost any parts of complex shape. The cost of the novelty is one million rubles.

The operator of machine tools with software control Kirill Zadorozhny.

Here it is — a big and beautiful machine, almost a robot. Two young specialists manage it in shifts. Kirill Zadorozhny already had the necessary qualifications after graduating from college, Denis Sharkevich received special training. The guys are happy: it is very interesting to work on the new equipment, which can be called a milling superstation. Another plus is that in the near future it is planned to use it in the production of export products. The chief engineer of the enterprise Nikolay Selyuk emphasizes:

— We have a lot of young people. There are also family dynasties. Comfortable working conditions, the possibility of distance learning in universities, a good salary, proximity to home — what else do you need?

The average salary at the enterprise is now about 1.6 thousand rubles. It's not even bad for a city settlement, where less than 3 thousand people live. Gennady Selevich has been working at Vetraz for about 10 years. It is engaged in the assembly of bearings for elevator winches, which also ensure the silent movement of the lifting mechanism.

— The heart rejoices when you see how fast the company is growing, — he expresses his opinion. — The products are in demand, the range is constantly expanding. It's a joy to be a part of this collective.

A charming red—haired girl, an electrical fitter Yulia Leshchinskaya, breaks away from the conveyor for a moment and joins the conversation:

— We carefully monitor the quality. We understand that reliable and safe operation of elevators depends on our components, and hence people's lives. There is nothing to do here without a sense of responsibility…

Interestingly, Julia herself retrained as a locksmith from a commodity expert. She got married in Begoml. And immediately found a good job.

Electrical fitter Yulia Leshchinskaya.
In conjunction with Mogilevliftmash
The main products of the Begoml plant are components for domestic elevators, which are widely in demand in the country and abroad. For 15 years, Vetraz has been a business partner of Mogilev Elevator Engineering Plant OJSC, supplying it with call buttons, push-button revision posts, cabin door drives and other products.

— We have many partners, — says Anatoly Sivko. — We fulfill orders of various enterprises, supply parts and components for elevator repair to service organizations. We are still cooperating with our European colleagues, albeit in smaller volumes. As for the tightening of the sanctions policy, yes, we felt it — about 50 percent of the materials were received from Italy. But they quickly refocused and found new partners — they concluded an agreement with Cheboksary. And we continue to maintain ties with the same Italian partners.

It is obvious that business, despite all political obstacles, wants and will cooperate for the common good.

The deeper the production is improved, the more the economic indicators are pleasing. According to the results of last year, the growth rate of output volumes was over 150 percent. And exports have tripled. By increasing supplies to the Russian Federation. Moscow, Saint Petersburg‑Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Voronezh — the geography of the regions where Begoml components for elevators are waiting is wide. The revenue from sales for each employee is 334 thousand rubles, which is 60 percent more than in 2021.
New projects
Now Vetraz is preparing to implement another important import substitution project. A business plan has been developed and special equipment for cutting seven‑layer cardboard is being purchased. A place has already been prepared for the installation of a 26‑meter processing line, on which packaging containers will be produced. There is no such production in Belarus, similar material is imported from abroad.

— In addition to the installation of the line, we will have to build a special warehouse for finished products. Its cost is 1.2 million rubles. We will be able to provide the Belarusian market with packaging, and in the future to arrange deliveries to the Russian Federation, — the director of the plant introduces plans for the near future.

The needs of the domestic market in multi-layer cardboard packaging are very large. New products are already expected not only at Mogilevliftmash, but also at Atlanta, Horizon and other enterprises. There are applications from neighboring countries. And in the plans of "Vetrazya" — new ideas that will definitely be implemented for the benefit of a small town and the whole country.