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Liozno District Executive Committee
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28 February 2023

BRSM Vitebsk region summed up the results for 2022

At the VI Plenum of the regional committee of the BRSM summed up the results for the past year. The event was held at the Vitebsk Regional Institute of Education Development.

Dozens of children said goodbye to the pioneer tie and joined the ranks of the Youth Union. The organization's activists were awarded diplomas of the Central and Regional Committees of the BRSM.

– The October boy, the pioneer, the Komsomol member are integral phases of growing up of Soviet children. Remembering them today, we can safely say that they were important for each of us. The younger generation is growing up, and therefore every stage in their life should be filled with important events, – said Anatoly Linevich, Assistant to the President – Inspector for the Vitebsk region. – A new political party "Belaya Rus" is being created on behalf of the head of state. Without passing the stage of the Youth Union, it is impossible to get there. Such a vertical was built in Soviet times and I hope that it will be successfully implemented in Belarusian society.

Before the start of the event, a presentation of the priority areas of activity of the BRSM of the Vitebsk region was held on interactive platforms. Here it was possible to enroll in student teams, collect a spils map of Belarus, take part in a master class from volunteers, as well as see the achievements of the Pridvin Region for 2022 and youth innovations of the project "100 ideas for Belarus".

At the second part of the Plenum, Deputy Chairman of the regional executive Committee Vyacheslav Durnov stressed that the continuity of generations is very important today, which is the key to the successful development of the country.

– This work is actively implemented in schools, higher and secondary specialized educational institutions. It is important that representatives of the youth wing of private ownership, rural youth, actively participate in all the events," Vyacheslav Durnov said. – You must become a leading force, attract talented, active youth to your ranks, so that there are more real youth leaders. Thus, by laying a reliable foundation and passing it on to new generations, our country will develop and strengthen.

Addressing the secretaries of the primary organizations of the BRSM, the head of the main department of ideological work and Youth Affairs of the regional executive committee Marina Novitskaya stressed that by involving young people in their ranks, the leaders of the primary schools will be able to correctly broadcast a civic position. By charging representatives of this generation with the right energy, worthy citizens of their country will be formed.