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29 August 2011

Historical and archaeological complex may be created in Drutsk

VITEBSK, 29 August (BelTA) – The ancient Drutsk will become the cornerstone of a historical and archaeological complex in Tolochin District, the concept of which is currently in the works, BelTA learnt from the head of the center of the history of pre-industrial society of the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Olga Levko. The complex can be a highlight of tourist routes in the district which can attract not only local tourists but also travelers from other countries. Drutsk and its surroundings are full of diverse monuments from various historical periods, which will be interesting for tourists. In addition, this district is suitable for leisure and public events, including knights’ tournaments and historical reconstructions, which are usually organized in the areas that have the elements of ancient architecture or terrain, said Olga Levko. Scientists also continue the research into the ancient Drutsk in a bid to find mass burials similar to that unique burial place with a gravestone unearthed in summer 2009. The research is conducted to expand knowledge about the history of one of the oldest principalities on the territory of modem Belarus. Gravestones are typical for burials near or inside the temples. Burial mounds are believed to be pagan traditions. Burial places found in Drutsk can be considered a combination of pagan and Christian traditions. The grave with a gravestone contained a wooden casket with the remains of a child aged 6 to 8. The remains of 38 people have been discovered in the mound. The excavation finds included parts of clothes (collars) embroidered with gold and decorated with Byzantine ornaments, golden and silver buttons. Today scientists suspect it could be a mound where one of the Drutsk princes and his servants were buried.