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Liozno District Executive Committee
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15 February 2023

New units have been opened in the Vitebsk Medical Rehabilitation Center for Afghan soldiers

New units of speleotherapy and multifactorial relaxation opened today in the Vitebsk Regional Clinical Center for Medical Rehabilitation for Disabled people and veterans of military operations in other countries. Specialized offices have supplemented the already large list of treatment methods used by Vitebsk rehabilitologists. Interestingly, in a unique relaxation room, sessions are designed so that different senses are simultaneously involved. Touch – tactile (in the form of a massage chair), visual (special videos on a large LCD monitor), sense of smell (smells)  and hearing (music therapy with headphones). Comprehensive programs contribute to the maximum relaxation of a person.

In recent years, step by step, doctors have been introducing new and new modern effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation of people who participated in hostilities. During the existence of the center (which is almost 30 years), more than 70 thousand patients have undergone rehabilitation treatment here. First of all, this medical institution is well known to those who performed their international duty in Afghanistan, so it is still popularly called the "Afghan center".

A year ago, a long–awaited housewarming took place in the rehabilitation center - a new building was put into operation here, thanks to which the capacity was expanded by 60 beds and a modern medical and diagnostic complex with the latest equipment was opened. Ordinary gyms and a hall of robotic simulators, kinesio and manual therapy, a stabilometric platform, auricular reflexology ... even a well-equipped Chinese Medicine Center has appeared here! The new building also gave new opportunities for further improvement of the base. So the series of housewarming continues.

– Together with the scientists of the Department of Medical Rehabilitation of VSMU, we are implementing the most effective methods of treatment, – says the chief physician of the center Vladislav Muzhichenko. – Now we are opening speleotherapy and multifactorial relaxation rooms. This will help in the treatment of patients with lung diseases, post-traumatic stress disorders.

It is noteworthy that the housewarming is timed to the 34th anniversary of the withdrawal of Soviet troops from Afghanistan. And the large–scale renovation that is being carried out in the center affects not only the medical part exclusively - the halls have also been updated here, the "Corner of Memory of Internationalist Soldiers" has been equipped. Now they are preparing to repair the physiotherapy department and replace the elevator in the old building.

The patients themselves are very happy about the changes. Yuri Nikitin is a former howitzer commander.

– I fought in Bagram for more than a year. Fortunately, there were no injuries. But health is still very shaken... Therefore, for over 20 years I have been undergoing rehabilitation here, in this wonderful health resort, every year. After a course of treatment, strength is added at least three times," the brave veteran smiles.

Vyacheslav Yankovsky, a former deputy commander of the air defense forces, who served in Egypt in 1970-1971, also supports the opinion of his comrade. Yesterday's soldiers and officers, as well as their family members can now use the most modern methods of getting rid of ailments. A highly professional team of doctors and nurses will definitely help them. The guests who were present during the opening of the new divisions are also sure of this – Vyacheslav Durnov, Deputy chairman of the regional executive committee, Mikhail Vishnevetsky, head of the health department, as well as representatives of veteran organizations.