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Liozno District Executive Committee
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16 May 2023

Road repairs, street lighting. What questions were addressed to Alexander Subbotin by residents of the Vitebsk region

Repair and arrangement of roads, transport links, organization of street lighting in courtyards and other issues were considered by the chairman of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Alexander Subbotin on a direct telephone line.

The first call came from a resident of the Vitebsk region. The man asked for help with the issue of organizing the supply of drinking water in the village. The local well went out of order, the villagers tried to repair it on their own, but faced difficulties that could not be solved without the help of the authorities. In addition, the water from the plumbing comes with sand and is suitable only for technical use. The chairman of the regional executive committee instructed to understand the situation and help the villagers.

Alexander Subbotinblagostructure of the territory and the road in Rouba worries the residents of this Vitebsk microdistrict, on whose behalf the woman called. They are asked to restore order in the local ravine, cut down trees nearby and pave the road instead of a pit, which is problematic now, especially on rainy days. Earlier, residents appealed to the local authorities. As a result, the bushes on the territory were cut off, the trees are still waiting in line. The head of the northern region promised to take the issue under control. "If there was a formalism, we will punish the perpetrators," he said, adding that in the near future the responsible persons will inspect the place and make an appropriate conclusion.
The Vitebsk resident turned to the direct line with a request to sort it out. As a bus fleet driver, she, like other employees, began to notice the systematic theft of fuel. According to the woman, at the end of March, the shortage is calculated from the salaries of the company's employees. The problem cannot be solved on the spot. Alexander Subbotin noted that the appeal is now being considered. He also asked about other issues that exist in the bus fleet in order to approach the solution comprehensively.

A resident of the village of Antonovka in the Orsha district asked for help with the preservation of the local club. According to her, there are more than 600 people in its service area. Last year, residents asked to improve the conditions for creative groups to practice in winter. After checking by construction organizations, it turned out that the building is dilapidated, in poor condition and it can no longer be repaired. Now people have been provided with two rooms for classes, another updated club in the region is planned to open around the fall. For these purposes, according to local authorities, Br600 thousand have been allocated. The chairman of the regional executive committee promised to personally drive up and assess the situation in the near future.

A resident of the regional center applied for assistance in repairing a balcony in one of the high-rise buildings in Vitebsk. Her son lives in the house in question. The apartment is located on the sixth floor directly above the pedestrian arch. A survey was conducted there at the request of residents, it showed: the concrete fence of the balcony is being destroyed, there is a risk of collapse of part of the structures. The applicants were assured that the balcony was included in the current repair plan for 2022, but later this address was not included in the schedule. On behalf of Alexander Subbotin, the problem should be eliminated in the coming days.

In total, 30 calls were received to the direct line of the chairman of the regional executive committee in three hours. Some dialogues lasted a couple of minutes, some questions took about 15. The head of the region stressed that it is necessary to understand each situation in detail and understand how to help the residents of the region promptly. People also addressed the issues of repair and arrangement of roads, the use of public lands, flooding of the basement in a multi-storey building, the fight against hogweed. A woman from Vitebsk complained about insufficient street lighting in the courtyard of a residential building. A resident of the village of Alexinichi of the Sennensky district asked to organize a bus service with the district center. A similar wish was made by a representative of the village of Stariki in the Vitebsk region. Among other problematic topics are the lack of hot water, insufficient assortment in a rural store, the need to recalculate wages in favor of the employee.

"All problems with a good approach should be solved on the ground. At the level of the district, ZHRET, village Council and so on, - said Alexander Subbotin. - When you give some kind of push, it is solved. First of all, it's about us. I think not only in the system of power, but also in the people who apply. Someone is actually driven by hopelessness to turn, and someone uses it as an opportunity for entertainment and self-realization. I think we all need to get better. Traditionally, the main segment of problems is housing and communal services: overhaul of houses, water supply and roads. It is gratifying that two people got through today and said thank you to the people who dealt with their problem. These people (who have completed the assignment. - Approx. BELTA) deserve to be singled out and praised once again."

Since the beginning of the year, 41 instructions have been given on the direct telephone lines of the head of the northern region, 38 of which have been fulfilled. Among the issues that remain under control are the completion of the construction of the carriageway of Baghramyan and 33rd Army Streets and the organization of a detour of 8th Zadorozhnaya Street in the regional center, as well as the sale of a former school building in the village of Andronovichi of the Postavsky district. The vast majority of appeals to the regional executive committee in general relate to housing and communal services, road maintenance, healthcare and transport services.

The regional executive committees and the Minsk City Executive Committee have been holding direct telephone lines weekly on Saturdays since 2015. This format makes it possible to increase the efficiency of working with appeals from citizens and legal entities, contributes to the eradication of facts of bureaucracy, red tape and paperwork. It also allows you to quickly solve people's problematic issues.