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4 November 2011

West ‘trying to stagger the situation in Belarus’

GRODNO OBLAST, 4 November (BelTA) – The West is trying to loosen up the situation in Belarus for the sake of making the republic part of its sphere of influence. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko made the statement on 4 November as he gave instructions to further develop territorial defense in the country. “The West’s goal is visible to the unaided eye: they want to stagger the situation in Belarus and cut off the country from active participation in international public and political processes. And then they will make Belarus part of its sphere of influence,” said Alexander Lukashenko. After gaining independence Belarus became a target of behind-the-scenes politics. “The West has already brought various sanctions against Belarusian enterprises. These restrictive measures quote political reasons to prevent equal economic cooperation. Other forms of economic pressure that damage our national interests in the economic sphere are widespread, too,” stressed Alexander Lukashenko. Informational and political interference from the outside is a serious challenge to the national security. “It has gained traits of open information warfare. The Internet, radio stations, specifically organized TV channels, magazines and newspapers are used for that, with massive amounts of money spent. We are under constant pressure and are reproached for the lack of freedom of speech and pluralism,” said the Belarusian leader. “We notice the rapid spread of NATO in Europe, the rapid build-up of military infrastructure of western and northern neighbors close to our borders,” said Alexander Lukashenko. “It is alarming that in some neighboring countries coaching sessions and special conferences are held regularly. Attending are top-ranking officials of the US Department of State and the Senate, ministers and politicians of European countries with a very provocative agenda. They discuss how to arrange a revolution in Belarus, how to change the constitutional system and other glaringly hostile topics. Such events cannot be underestimated,” said the head of state.