Address: 211220,
Vitebsk Region, Liozno,
Str. Lenina, 79/2



Phone/fax: 8 (02138) 5 -25-69

Лиозно. Районный центр культуры Лиозно. Ж/д станция Лиозно. Центральная площадь Лиозно Мемориальный комплекс "Танк"
Лиозно. Районный центр культуры


The region pays special attention to preserving the historical and cultural heritage, reviving crafts. There are 24 clubs, an organizational and methodical centre, the community centre, two art schools, the War and History Museum in the region.

The art schools provide courses in drama, choreography, fine arts, piano, folk instruments, brass and percussion instruments.

The region’s eleven art collectives have the “people’s” title. The folklore group Medunitsa, the Club Veteran, the group Konsanans, the folk group, the folk chorus, the theatre V Poiske and the group Pushkouskiya Spyavachki are well-known in the region and outside.

The Liozno region has developed pottery, wood carving, embroidery and weaving.

The War and History Museum has more than 6.4 thousand exhibits.

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