Address: 211220,
Vitebsk Region, Liozno,
Str. Lenina, 79/2



Phone/fax: 8 (02138) 5 -25-69

Лиозно. Районный центр культуры Лиозно. Центральная площадь Лиозно Лиозно. Ж/д станция Мемориальный комплекс "Танк"
Лиозно. Районный центр культуры
Main Economy Investments


The Republic of Belarus is a unitary democratic social state based on the rule of law, with an open and fast growing economy. Belarus is a landlocked country, but due to its geographic position acts as an important transport and trade corridor between the EU and the CIS countries.

A number of oil and gas pipelines, railways and highways, water routes and communication lines cross the territory of the republic.

Belarus actively implements the policy of preferential investment treatment: in the Industrial park, free economic zones, small towns and rural areas, in case of signing of investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus.

1. Development of sapropel deposits and construction of production of fertilizers

2. Clothing industry

3. Create a co-production with a private company OOO "Oktopus-PVM"

4. Roadside service object construction (service station, cafe, sauna)

5. Roadside service object construction (hotel,parking)

6. Construction of consumer services (service station with a car wash self-service storage technology park)

7. Roadside service object construction on the road R-21 in Stasevo

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