Address: 211220,
Vitebsk Region, Liozno,
Str. Lenina, 79/2



Phone/fax: 8 (02138) 5 -25-69

Лиозно. Центральная площадь Лиозно. Ж/д станция Мемориальный комплекс "Танк" Лиозно. Районный центр культуры Лиозно
Лиозно. Центральная площадь
Main Region Heraldry


The emblem is a blue Spanish shield featruing a golden letter L, the first letter in the name of the town, in the centre.
The emblem of Dukes Oginskies, who owned Liozno for a long time, makes the basis of the heraldic symbol of Liozno – fortress gates or a throne in red and a cross or a scepter in silver.

The blue flag has a broken yellow belt in its bottom.   

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