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7 July 2023

Theatrical interactive, master class and quest: Vitebsk will celebrate the 136th anniversary of Chagall's birth

A theatrical and musical interactive, a master class on painting objects, a quest and a presentation of more than 60 rare book editions - a gift from the artist's heiresses - will take place in Vitebsk on July 7, the 136th anniversary of the birth of Marc Chagall, said Irina Voronova, director of the Marc Chagall Museum in Vitebsk.

The gift to the museum will be presented at 12.00 at the Marc Chagall Art Center. It was sent on June 12 by the granddaughters of the master Meret and Bella Meyer. The cargo includes more than 60 rare book editions from the artist's personal library from his last home in Saint-Paul-de-Vence near Nice on the French Riviera. Here are the original graphic sheets of Chagall. As the institution noted, since the graphics have their own specifics (they cannot be under ultraviolet radiation for more than three months a year), then, like the rest of the institution's collection, these sheets will be included in the exposition only for a while.

"We have been negotiating with the artist's heirs since the beginning of the year. The last time his granddaughters presented a gift to Vitebsk and the museum was almost 25 years ago - in 1999. We will present this gift on the artist's birthday, and it will remain on display at the Art Center for the period of the "Slavic Bazaar", and then it will go to the funds for processing and processing special documents. After processing, it will be used in the exposition and exhibition activities of the museum," Irina Voronova said.

The books will become part of the scientific library of the Marc Chagall Museum, which now has more than 5 thousand publications. Some gift copies will be exhibited at temporary exhibitions. In addition, all of them will be available to researchers, as well as other publications from this library.

The rest of the events dedicated to the 136th anniversary of the master's birth will be hosted by the Marc Chagall House Museum. At 17.00, the participants of the holiday will meet at the monument to the artist at the beginning of Pokrovskaya Street to lay flowers or, according to the Jewish tradition, stones. Then the guests will move to the garden of the house-museum, where they will have a theatrical and musical interactive from the ensemble "Our Song" and the amateur theater "Menorah" - its artists will present the production "Odessa Courtyard" based on the play by Yevgeny Klemyat.

"Since this year is not an anniversary date, we celebrate it in a family way: those who consider it necessary to congratulate the artist on his birthday come," Irina Voronova noted. - It is not the first year that we have been cooperating with the Vitebsk Jewish community, now they have also supported us. This year there will be a small theatrical performance and musicians, a vocal ensemble from the Jewish community. This year we are also supported by the literary club "LitKofeinik" with a program of poems about Vitebsk, the artist himself and his muse Bella. There will also be a master class from Marina Yakovleva (Pocket) on painting hearts and a quest on our exposition."

On the master's birthday, both the House Museum and the Marc Chagall Art Center in Vitebsk will receive guests for free.

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