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12 September 2023

Belarus’ sugar beet harvest exceeds 347,000 tonnes

Belarus has so far cropped 347,300 tonnes of sugar beet, BelTA learned from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry.

As of 12 September, some 7,129,600 tonnes of grain, including rapeseed, was cropped in the country. This included 6,143,800 tonnes of grain and leguminous crops and over 985,800 tonnes of rapeseed.

Harvesting of corn for grain is underway in Brest Oblast, Grodno Oblast, Minsk Oblast and Gomel Oblast, with 3,170 hectares of land already cleared. Some 23,100 tonnes of grain was threshed, with the yields averaging 72.9 centners per hectare.

Some 5,922,800 tonnes of corn for silage were cropped so far.

In addition to that, 26,200 tonnes of buckwheat (yields are 15.1 centners per hectare) and 13,800 tonnes of millet (yields are 20.0 centners per hectare) were threshed.

The flax straw harvest reached 87,100 tonnes. Cereal and legume straws were harvested from 77.3% of the area.

Belarusian agricultural workers are harvesting potatoes. Some 146,500 tonnes of potatoes were removed from fields. The yield is 358.1 centners per hectare. Sugar beet harvesting is underway in Belarus. Some 347,300 tonnes of sugar beet were removed, with the yields averaging 441.8 centners per hectare.


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