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12 December 2022

Hi-Tech Park's share in Belarus' export of services close to 30% in January-September

The share of the Hi-Tech Park in Belarus' export of services totaled 29.2% in January-September 2022, the Hi-Tech Park press service told BelTA.

After delivering a report to Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko in November 2022 Director of the Hi-Tech Park Vsevolod Yanchevsky remarked that the Hi-Tech Park's export exceeded $2 billion in January-September 2022 and was expected to rise even higher by the end of the year. The Hi-Tech Park press service added that companies residing in the park paid Br595.1 million in taxes in January-September 2022.

At present Hi-Tech Park resident companies develop software and provide IT services. They successfully compete on the world market and realize projects in banking industry, telecommunication industry, oil industry, gas industry, and other ones. They participate in projects for creating digital governments in the CIS states. The Hi-Tech Park welcomed the first few resident companies in June 2006.

The Hi-Tech Park was established by Belarus president ordinance No.12 “On the Hi-Tech Park” in 2005 as an analog of the USA's silicon valley. In addition to advancing Belarusian science the Hi-Tech Park is supposed to ensure the export of information and communication technologies and software.

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